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A New Aspirancy Application Packet

Following many months of diligent work by the Order of Interbeing Committee, Dharma Teachers Sangha Caretaking Council, and the elders in the monastic community, we are now able to offer an revised and updated Order of Interbeing Aspirancy Application Packet. This new packet should be used by any new aspirants in North America.

Ahora disponible en español también.

This application assists your local Sangha and supporting Dharma Teacher as you begin the formal mentoring process. The Charter of the Order of Interbeing provides that an Aspirant shall announce their aspiration to join the Order to the Sangha before making a formal request. Formal Sangha support is required to become an aspirant and to join the Order of Interbeing. To ensure the requisite support is available, someone who wishes to aspire and begin the mentoring process should discuss their aspirations with the prospective mentors, including the Dharma Teacher. The Preparing for Aspirancy section of this packet will help you look deeply into your readiness to ask to aspire and begin the mentoring process. In deciding whether conditions are ripe for formal acceptance and mentoring to begin, your mentoring Dharma Teacher will speak with you and consult with your sangha and any other OI Mentors as appropriate.

The packet is available as a PDF document.

May your journey bring you nourishment and joy as it has for so many others before you.







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