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  • A New Aspirancy Application Packet

    A New Aspirancy Application Packet

    Following many months of diligent work by the Order of Interbeing Committee, Dharma Teachers Sangha Caretaking Council, and the elders in the monastic community, we are now able to offer an revised and updated Order of Interbeing Aspirancy Application Packet. This new packet should be used by any new aspirants in North America. Ahora disponible […]

  • Behavior & Mental Health Difficulties

    The Care Taking Council (CTC) of the North American Dharma Teachers Sangha adopted a statement on behavioral and mental health difficulties in sanghas. It was initially posted here in August 2016 but wasn’t easily discoverable. Therefore, we are reposting that document in hopes that it will better serve the community. Mindful Approaches to Behavior & […]