Dharma Teachers Sangha

The Plum Village Lineage North American Dharma Teachers Council, commonly known as the “Dharma Teachers Sangha” was established to create a harmonious four-fold community of Buddhist Dharma Teachers so that we may together nourish the North American mindfulness community practicing in the tradition of Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh and support each other in healing, transforming, and actualizing the fruits of our practice in the world.

Membership in the Dharma Teacher Sangha is offered to all monastic and lay Dharma Teachers who live in North America, who actively practice in the Plum Village tradition, and who wish to embrace the Dharma Teacher Sangha. While the Dharma Teachers Sangha practices mindfulness and meditation in the tradition of Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh in the same manner as The Order of Interbeing, the Dharma Teachers Sangha is a separate legal entity.

The Dharma Teachers Sangha includes a Care-Taking Council, Committees, Advisory Boards, and a Council of Elders. Members are encouraged to participate and to whole heartedly devote their time and energy to their efforts.

The mission of the Care-Taking Council is to provide vision, guidance, and support to the Dharma Teachers Sangha. The Care-Taking Council, with the spiritual encouragement of and in communication with the Dharma Teachers Sangha, creates committees, and develops guidelines, policies, and programs for the Dharma Teachers Sangha. The current Care-Taking Council (March 2017) is as follows:

  1. John Bell
  2. Dennis Bohn
  3. Barbara Casey
  4. Karen Hilsberg
  5. Jack Lawlor (President)
  6. Sister Mai Nghiem
  7. Kenley Neufeld
  8. Anh Huong Nguyen
  9. Leslie Rawls (Treasurer)
  10. Chan Co Trinh
  11. Chau Yoder (Membership Secretary)

Members of the Dharma Teachers Sangha Care-Taking Council may be reached at dts-na@orderofinterbeing.org