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Gatha for putting on the Brown Jacket

Special thanks to Brian Kimmel for the words that allowed this gatha to manifest
Putting on the half robe of the Order, the true colors  of my heart shine through.
Feeling the fabric against my skin, I connect to our ancestors,
     who diligently and whole-heartedly worked to bring the teachings into the world.
May we continue to practice with all our heart,
so that all beings may find happiness, extinguish suffering, and experience peace and freedom.






2 responses to “Gatha for putting on the Brown Jacket”

  1. Julia Byford Avatar
    Julia Byford

    How wonderful – thank you. I assume that whole-heatedly was intended to be whole-heartedly. 🙂 Smiling with you Julia True Jewell of Mindfulness

  2. Dzung True Garden Diligence Avatar
    Dzung True Garden Diligence

    A lay OI brother taught me that for him, OI practice means being a monk but living a lay life. So he practices the monk’s / nun’s robe gatha. I will try this practice myself as well. Here is one version; there are probably others but I enjoy this one because it is so simple and joyful!

    Putting on the Monk’s/Nun’s Robe Putting on this monk’s/nun’s robe, my heart is at ease. I live a life of freedom, bringing joy to the world.