Prayer for Everyone During the COVID-19 Pandemic

May all doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers have the emotional strength and physical stamina to meet the challenges they are facing every day.

May all essential workers — police, firefighters, store personnel,
delivery people, and more — be safe from this virus as they perform their critical services.

May everyone struggling with illness from this virus be blessed with
healing and renewed strength. May all who are touched with sickness and death of loved ones be comforted in their anxiety and grief.

May all who are stressed financially during this time receive the
assistance and support they need.

And may we all have the strength to embrace our fears and sorrows — and also water seeds of joy — in this deeply challenging and uncertain time.


Gatha for putting on the Brown Jacket

Special thanks to Brian Kimmel for the words that allowed this gatha to manifest
Putting on the half robe of the Order, the true colors  of my heart shine through.
Feeling the fabric against my skin, I connect to our ancestors,
     who diligently and whole-heartedly worked to bring the teachings into the world.
May we continue to practice with all our heart,
so that all beings may find happiness, extinguish suffering, and experience peace and freedom.