Revised Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings – FINAL

Our Teacher released a final revised version of the Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings in April 2012 and can be used for both transmissions and recitations. A few edits were made in the last 6-weeks and any previously distributed revision should be discarded and the versions below should be used in their place. They are made available here in English and Vietnamese.

The Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings (HTML or download Word Doc / PDF)

Giới bổn Tiếp Hiện tân (Download Word Doc / PDF)


3 responses to “Revised Fourteen Mindfulness Trainings – FINAL”

  1. Excellent. Do we know when an updated version of Interbeing will come out? Also, has there been talk or steps to formally revising the OI charter including when a core member can mentor and such. These would be good to get formally revised in the charter if the community had indeed accepted and enacted these changes. Which it seems we have. I would be happy to help organize this effort.