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Author: Chân Chiếu Hải

  • Gatha for putting on the Brown Jacket

    Special thanks to Brian Kimmel for the words that allowed this gatha to manifest Putting on the half robe of the Order, the true colors  of my heart shine through. Feeling the fabric against my skin, I connect to our ancestors,      who diligently and whole-heartedly worked to bring the teachings into the world. May […]

  • Still Ripening Sangha

    Still Ripening Sangha

    Practicing still ripening…in the Circle Garden; in the small meditation hall of Solidity Hamlet; outside the Solidity dining hall, under the Pepper tree; outside the Clarity dining hall. In July 2010, when I formally declared my aspirancy, one of the intentions that I set was to practice regularly with the Still Ripening Sangha at Deer […]