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The Time To Act Is Now !

In The World We Have (2008), Thay spoke to us with some urgency about the Bells of Mindfulness – the floods, droughts, sea level rise – that have been happening all over the planet,  trying to wake us up from our sleep-walking. His language about the danger to civilization from our rapidly changing climate, due to human-activity, was unvarnished and  direct, and yet he instructed us that “we don’t have to sink into despair about global warming, we can act.” The next year, 2009, The Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change: The Time To Act Is Now, was written. For certain, the clock measuring our society’s response had started much earlier, and even then we were already late as a global community in acting to protect the future.

Now, nine years later, even as a new White House Administration in the US wobbles over President Obama’s 2015 commitment to the Paris Climate Accord, we ask ourselves, “What can we do?  How do we act? How do we as OI Members respond within the framework of our 14 Mindfulness Trainings?” The short answer may best be, “we act in a way that is true to our own hearts,”  that is, a way that fits who we are and what we can contribute. Some of us will work to bring a Mindful Presence to the Climate Mobilizations, some will create and mail “Love Letters” as Thay taught us, and others will re-energize their own person commitments via our Earth Peace Treaty. Some of us will do all of this.

Most importantly, as ordained members of the Order of Interbeing, we can reflect deeply on Interbeing itself, on how we are all related regardless of race, nationality, location, gender identity, or even species. Looking deeply we see that we may need to get outside our comfort zones, and remember that our practice is not just for ourselves, but for all. As Thay has said, “We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness. We are imprisoned in our small selves, thinking only of having some comfortable conditions for this small self, while we destroy our large self. If we want to change the situation, we must begin by being our true selves. To be our true selves means we have to be the forest, the river, the ozone layer.” May it be so.

For Tomorrow’s Children of All Species,

George Hoguet/True Precious Smile.   earthholder.org






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  1. Beverly Alexander Avatar
    Beverly Alexander

    A beautiful distillation of what we need to hear right now. Many thanks to you and Thây for this eloquent and heartfelt wake-up call.

    At the same time that we have taken a vow to not force our opinions upon others, that does not mean that we should not set a good example. That does not mean that we should not give voice to our love for this amazing universe. You inspire me.

    1. Wabioku Avatar

      Hi Bev, thanks for the note. Let’s all keep inspiring each other. We need it! Smiles to you _(l)_

  2. Judy Nakatomi Avatar
    Judy Nakatomi

    Thank you so much, George. I appreciate your heartfelt words, reminders and suggestions.

    Taking care of ourselves helps us care for our sanghas and our planet.

    Judy Nakatomi

    1. Wabioku Avatar

      Thanks, Judy! Yes, caring for our selves is a major part of this for certain. Be well, and Stay Fresh! 🙂

  3. Jan McClure Avatar
    Jan McClure

    Thank you George for this beautiful posting. Are there new actions from the Earth Holders? When I clicked on the link I found wonderful actions for April. Did I miss ones for June, July and on?
    Sending you a smile,

    1. Wabioku Avatar

      Hello Jan:
      We are working on an Open Letter (Thank You & Apology) to the other 194 Paris Climate Agreement Co-Signers, which we look to post before Friday. We will be asking folks to sign that letter. We will also be revising our Call to Action . No other major “actions” per se planned for the summer.

  4. sue rempel Avatar
    sue rempel

    Thank-you, George… your words are beautiful. I will encourage not only OI but all our sangha to consider these words and ideas again tomorrow night.
    I am so grateful for these teachings, this practice , our beloved Thay and for bodhisattvas like you!
    smiling to the earth… smiling to you.
    s u e

  5. Michele Negele Avatar
    Michele Negele

    dear flowers,
    i have felt this strong empathy for our planet all my life, especially after (when i was 8) , in 1974 i saw a big article on the front cover of a magazine , lying in my parents house. OUR WOODS ARE DYING. so i started to help in manifestations from a very Young age. When i was 17 i Heard i was infected by the AIDS virus and this made my determination of healing, not only myself, but also help heal the planet, even stronger. i started bying organic food, then still hard to get. and i found an antroposofic general practitioner, who in 1986 had alraedy written a book about how the planet suffered from AIDS aswell. all the same symptoms, weak lungs, (forests), weak immunesystem (ozone layer), poisened blood(our oceans and rivers) and so on. i have Heard often the argument from people ,oh but there are so many wh don´t buy organic, don´t seperate their garbage, don´t act conciously, the why should i ? sometime this has made me feel tired, but mostly i feel that every person helps. every drop in the puddle, eventually makes a pond. and although i feel things are moving slowly, i see a great change. if i look at organic food alone, it has moved from Little isolated shops, into mainstream supermarkets,making it available for everyone. as i wrtie this , i look at my tomatoes, brócoli, beans, and herbs growing in my Little front garden, giving food tomany butterflies, bees and other insects. then later on they will nourish me. the beauty of interbeing is all around me.
    with a sunfilled heart , from the beautiful island of Tenerife,
    True Arising Equanimity, Michele

  6. Carla Avatar

    Thanks to remember that we are all connected…

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