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Who? Me? Change the World?

And so a question:

Am I a human manifestation who is conscious


consciousness manifested as a human?

Me thinks the later.

From a single consciousness we humans spring,
and all are one.

With this awakening
I see that the suffering of one is the suffering of many
and that the joy of another is also my joy.

This insight suggests
a slight twist to the Golden Rule may be in order:
“As I treat others, I also treat myself.”

As I practice loving kindness, compassion and joy
the same will be manifest in others
and be returned to me many times over.

Our practice changes our consciousness
AND the consciousness of our world.
Maybe changing the world really isn’t so complicated.

Who? Me? Change the World?

Me thinks so……

I am Kabe Woods, True Field of Orchids (Chân Lan Điền) , the Co-Founder and Facilitator of the Mindfulness Practice Center of Fort Walton Beach, Florida.






2 responses to “Who? Me? Change the World?”

  1. Lorna Doone Avatar
    Lorna Doone

    This offered a “common sense” meaningful way of life using our meditation practice on a daily routine. I thank you for offering this.

  2. Lucy McIver Avatar
    Lucy McIver

    Thank you for such profound thought. I also found this place in my morning meditation here at Deer Park. Perhaps we both found that place on universal Being where all giving becomes receiving. And it is free and there every time we breathe. I send Love to you for sharing.

    Lucy McIver
    True Boddhi Garden

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