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Order of Interbeing Aspirant Application

After announcing your intention of aspiration, as per the Charter of the Order of Interbeing, the form linked below implement the Aspirancy process. An Aspirant to the Core Community of the Order of Interbeing (OI) is on the Bodhisattva path.  Bodhisattvas appreciate the
help of all teachers and mentors. To promote consistency in mentoring and ensure that mentors and aspirants are supported, the North American Plum Village Dharma Teachers Council asks that everyone in North America who is pursuing formal acceptance as an Order of Interbeing aspirant use this form.

This application assists your local Sangha and supporting Dharma Teacher as they begin formal mentoring with you. In deciding whether conditions are ripe for formal acceptance and mentoring to begin, your mentoring Dharma Teacher will use this form and consult with your sangha and any other OI Mentors as appropriate.

View or Download the Application to Become an Aspirant to the Order of Interbeing Core Community (PDF Document)







4 responses to “Order of Interbeing Aspirant Application”

  1. Jens Peter Nielsen Avatar
    Jens Peter Nielsen

    Where can i download the book “Interbeing” ?

    1. Kenley Neufeld Avatar

      I’m not certain if it’s available digitally, but it’s best to contact the publisher directly – Parallax Press.

  2. Joe Avatar

    Kenley – Thanks to everyone for all that is being done here.
    What is one to do with a completed OI Application once it is signed off on, who should it be sent to ?
    Thay is a given, local practice center or anyone else ?
    Thank You

    1. Kenley Neufeld Avatar

      At this time, the application should be held by your dharma teacher mentor with a copy for yourself. In the future it may route to a practice center but that process hasn’t been established yet.