Ordination Opportunity in 2021

Dear Dharma Teachers, Dear Order Members, Dear Aspirants, In 2021 there will be two opportunities for aspirants from North America to be ordained into the Order of Interbeing. These will be online transmission ceremonies. In order to facilitate the process, please review the requirements, criteria, and procedures for North American students of Thich Nhat Hanh.… Continue reading Ordination Opportunity in 2021

Forty Tenets of Plum Village

Introduction The Forty Tenets were formulated and taught by Thầy in Plum Village during the Spring Retreat 2006, the Autumn Retreat 2006 and the Winter Retreats 2006, 2007. They serve as the foundation for the Plum Village teachings and practices and for our Mindfulness Trainings, whether they are the Five of the laity, the Ten… Continue reading Forty Tenets of Plum Village