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  • Long Hand of the Sangha

    In June 2010, Thay gave a dharma talk (audio link and transcript link) at the European Institute of Applied Buddhism talking of the Order of Interbeing. I felt deeply inspired by the talk and hope others may find it nourishing as well. The talk is 108-minutes and was given Vietnamese, though you can clearly hear Thay’s voice, and is […]

  • Thay Talks to OI Members

    Transcript of Thich Nhat Hanh’s talk to the OI members at Deer Park on February 5, 2004 This week many OI members chose to be here for the winter retreat and it’s been a great joy to be together with other OI members at this retreat. We just wanted to come and, if you were […]

  • Eyes of the Buddha Retreat

    June 19, 2000 TNH: I was thinking of the Tiep Hien Order without a leader. It is like a bee hive without a leader. This is possible. There is no elder. We do not need an elder in order to give orders. We can operate like the neurons in the brain or the ants in […]

  • Teaching for OI Members

    By The Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh Three sounds of the bell There is a lot of Dharma talk in the air and there is a lot of air in the Dharma talk. Today is 22 August 2001 in Deer Park Monastery. There is a sutra with the title Yasoja – that’s the name of a […]